About Chris

Who is Chris Cooley?

My name is Chris Cooley and I'm the founder of Cooley Creative LLC — a design, branding, and re-branding company. I am a social entrepreneur who has worked with companies large and small to develop and renovate both brands and cultures. My love for human design and experience in creating visual brands has led me to develop a unique process that is built around collaboration. I'm excited for you to learn more about it! :)

I’ve been accompanying entrepreneurs and other idea people through the branding process for over 10 years. It’s my job to guide people, one-on-one, on the journey from concept to concrete assets. I’ve created a new way for individuals and businesses to experience graphic design and branding. It maximizes technology, and it leverages their passion and insight. I honor my clients' roles in developing visual brands by bringing them into the collaborative design process. This technique is efficient, involved, and educational.

My personal formula is focused on empowering people -- through creative exploration and engaging processes -- so they have the confidence to expand! Pretty cool, right?!

I'm also active in a ton of other entrepreneurial, personal, and passion projects. Check some of them out below to learn a bit more about me...

A few (other) things I do:

Co-founder at Carlson CoWork

I strongly believe in collaboration. I co-founded a coworking model to be sure that I am always surrounded by an amazing group of reliable, community driven, professional resources.

Mentor & Leadership Program

I have put together a team of 'designers-in-training' through a unique mentorship program. So, when you hear me talk about 'we', I'm referring to the awesome people I collaborate with.

46 Climbs

I started climbing New York's 46 High Peaks as a way to challenge myself mentally and physically (which creates a nice harmony with my typical meditative approach to life). I'm halfway to climbing all 46 peaks and have recently joined a suicide awareness campaign called "46 Climbs" to coincide with my own personal goals. 

"Yes" Man...

At 15 years old, I was elected the youngest ever president of the Eaton Birding Society. Truth be told, I was totally freaked out by that responsibility! But that didn't stop me from taking the position:) I was unaware at the time, but saying "yes" to the unknown tends to create great personal growth (when it aligns with your goals). I continue to apply this "yes" attitude well into my adult life, which means you'll find me participating in a variety of projects & events to make sure that I am constantly growing -- all while encouraging others to do the same!:)