Company & Personal Branding

When Champlin & Associates decided it was time for a more professional website, they also realized their brand wasn’t fitting the personality of the business. We collaborated to create a brand that completely fits the business and the people who run it.

Brad Champlin and his family/team felt very strongly about participating in the branding process, which made 'Live Design’ a perfect fit for them. We met the team a handful of times at the Champlin & Associates conference room to project the logo and brand concepts onto the wall and gather live input -- in person!

Over the course of a few years, Chris has maintained a very close relationship with the Champlin team, becoming their “go-to” designer (the two companies have even hosted local networking events together!). Now, when Champlin & Associates has a promotional or marketing idea, Chris collaborates with them to execute the concept and deliver creative solutions that fit within established brand styles.

Project Deliverables: Logo, stationery (business cards & letterheads), website (design), and brand management - which includes newsletter layouts, brochures, infographics, intake forms, notepads, mugs and other print promotional materials (basically, when Champlin has an idea, we make it a reality :) ).

Champlin & Associates | Original Logo & Business Card
Champlin & Associates | Promo Mugs
Champlin & Associates | Custom Forms & Surveys
Champlin & Associates | Digital Newsletter & Website
Champlin & Associates | Banner Display
Champlin & Associates | Business Cards