Cultural Branding



The Geneva Theatre Guild is an organization with a TON of passion. The only issue they had was that their passion wasn't being translated into a concise message, which was a bit frustrating to patrons, volunteers, and members. Cooley Creative's first order of business was to form a branding committee. We asked this group to separately answer a series of questions, including "What is the goal of the Geneva Theatre Guild?" We ranked their answers based on repetition (many were repeated) and then gathered all 8 participants for a live, in-person, meeting to discuss their submissions. The results of this meeting were astounding!

Using a Cooley Creative formula, we collectively determined that the goal of the Geneva Theatre Guild is (and always has been), TRANSFORMATION. This powerful statement is now translated into graphic elements of the brand. Our collaborative efforts have defined a culture and given this brand clarity.

Project Deliverables: Logo, tagline, culture definition, stationery (business cards & letterheads), website (design, production, and launch), templates (posters, programs, etc), and style guide.

Geneva Theatre Guild | Live Design Results
Geneva Theatre Guild | Logo
Geneva Theatre Guild | Brand Story
Geneva Theatre Guild | Logo Story
Geneva Theatre Guild | Color Palette
Geneva Theatre Guild | Business Card Layout