Personal Branding



Deb Cleveland is a mentor, inspiration and coach for concious real estate investors (she was also one of my very first clients!). Deb is an involved and creative entrepreneur who was looking for someone to collaborate with her to execute a brand that represented her unique vision of adding love to the real estate industry. The Cooley Creative 'Live Design' process was just what Deb needed. We sat together, had tea, and worked very closely to pick out a color palette, revise designs that she had originally created, and develop a hierarchy for her brand (I even created custom watercolor paintings to use in her designs; now that's unique!). Deb has been able to easily expand her visuals into all aspects of her business with confidence thanks to this branding experience! :)

Project Deliverables: Logo, illustration, stationery (business cards & letterheads), website (design & direction), print materials, social media banners and complete book layout.

Debra Cleveland | Stationary Designs
Debra Cleveland | Logo Master & Color Palette
Debra Cleveland | Book Layout & Design
Debra Cleveland | Business Card Layout
Debra Cleveland | Brand Artwork
Debra Cleveland | Logo Master & Color Palette