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A unique design

and branding experience!


Welcome, change-maker!

You’re bringing something into the world that didn’t exist before! To start impacting others, your vision needs to be translated into a tangible reality. Your secret sauce is ready to be unleashed, but infusing your visual brand with the essence of your idea is going to take collaboration.

To keep all that meaning inside your graphic design, I work in a collaborative way that you’ve probably never seen before.


Who am I? Your Creative Yet Practical Guide.

I’m a business-focused artist who’s been accompanying entrepreneurs and other idea people through the branding process for over 10 years. It’s my job to guide you — one-on-one — on the journey from concept to concrete assets. I’ve created a new way for you to experience graphic design and branding. It maximizes technology, and it leverages your passion and insight. I honor your role in developing your visual brand by bringing you into the collaborative design process. This technique is efficient, involved, and educational.


You bring the brand. I bring your creative tools.

By collaborating live, we condense the cumbersome revision-and-feedback process into a single fast-paced session. It’s efficient, exciting, and extremely effective at creating designs packed with meaning. Live design gives you full access to the creative process and prevents key elements of your identity from getting lost in the details.


A Process Built to Engage Enthusiasts

I choose to participate in projects based on the level of enthusiasm and drive of the founders. As an artist with a roadmap for designing meaningful brands, I get to help progressive thinkers change the world. If you have a clear vision about where you want to take your business, I can enhance your branding in a new, unique, and Art-Fueled way! If your identity needs to keep that “you” factor, the Live Design experience can preserve the connection between your passion and the visual expression of your brand.


Sounds like a better way to do graphic design, right?!

I AM on to something new. Soon, the whole industry will move in the direction of live design. For now, I’d love to get to know you, identify your vision, and make sure Live Design is right for you. If you’re ready, request a consultation. I’ll follow up so that you have complete clarity about your next step.  

Thanks again for exploring Live Design. I’m looking forward to talking with you soon.