When can I start?

The simple answer is, NOW!

The first step in engaging Cooley Creative is to apply for a complimentary consultation using the form at the bottom of the page.

Below is a list of the steps you'll take to apply.

  1. Enter your information in the form.
  2. We’ll email you with some questions.
  3. You'll email back your answers.
  4. We'll review your answers and respond.
  5. When you qualfy, we'll set up a time for a call with Chris Cooley to discuss your brand.
  6. It's that simple! :)

Are you excited yet?

Live Design is a highly engaging real-time collaboration, so it involves an element of preparation. 

Ask yourself these questions…

•    Does Chris sound like someone I want to work with?
•    Do I want to play an active role in creating my design identity?
•    Have I defined what I’m selling?
•    Am I confident in my business goals?
•    Can I identify some favorite fonts?
•    Have I found logo inspiration?
•    Have I sketched out some ideas?
•    Will I make time to engage in this process?

When you can answer “yes” to all of these, you’re totally ready!